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Welcome to the official website of the USS Hermes NCC-4501-G


The Hermes is a Star Trek simulation (Text-based RPG) that meets once a week in a webchat room to role-play.


Do you like Star Trek? Have you ever wished that you could put yourself in the Star Trek universe? If the answers to these two questions is yes, hen simming is the thing for you! Instead of just watching the Star Trek action you get to be a part of it! You start out by creating your own unique character, an Ensign in any field including medical, science, engineering, or tactical/security, who works his or her (or its) way up through the ranks, so that one day you may even command your own ship!


Set in the year 2390, the USS Hermes is a Legacy-Class Explorer that constantly pushes the boundaries of the unknown. We pride ourselves on the rich personal history of our crew and our compelling storylines. Expect an epic twist every week! If you're ready for an adventure that will take you where no man has gone before, just fill out the application, and we'll let you know what to do next. JOIN TODAY!


Sim Name: USS Hermes

Sim Time: 10:00 PM EST

Location: USF Webchat Room

CO: Commodore Jerrid Billings

XO: Commander Kayshl Durandus



Stardate 1611.29: Congratulations to First Lieutenant Deniaud and Lieutenant Elkhorn, who have recieved the Lynx Award for running the sim when the Command Staff couldn't make it. Good work!


Stardate 1605.17: Leonard Swift has been award the Sim Creation Medal for his work on "The Veil of the Wolfen" Congratulations, First Lieutenant!


Stardate 1605.10: Arianwyn Amunrra has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Congratulations!


Stardate 1605.03 : Mariell Deniaud has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Congratulations!


Stardate 1604.05: Leonard Swift, Kristjana Grimsdottir, and Arianwyn Amunrra have been awarded the Lynx Award for their contributions above and beyond the call of duty during the last sim plot, "Maternal Instinct". Congratulations!


Stardate 1604.01: The Hermes website has been updated! Our page now features a Sim Summaries section, which contains everything you need to keep up to date with the current Hermes storylines. Check back weekly for updates!


Stardate 1603.29: Leonard Swift has been promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant. Additionally, Lieutenant Jana Grimsdottir has been promoted to the position of Chief Tactical/Security Officer. Congratulations to you both!



Hermes Theme

Song - "Spaceballs"


Hermes Anthem - 

"Come Sail Away"

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