USS Hermes



"We thought that they were angels but much to my surprise,

we climbed aboard their starship. We headed to the skies."

-Dennis DeYoung, 1977




The USS Hermes is a member of the United Space Federation, and as such, we operate under the regulations laid down by the USF Simulation Guide. The purpose of this page is to hit on the sim guide's main points, and to discuss specific policies relating to the USS Hermes. However, this is not a substitute for USF policy. All simmers wishing to join the Hermes should read the sim guide and contact the Captain should they have any questions.




The USS Hermes meets Tuesday nights at 10:00 PM EST. The sim is held in the USF Webchat room USS Hermes - an IRC chat room sponsored by Mibbit. It's always best to arrive at least five to ten minutes early so that any questions regarding the plot can be answered before the sim begins. The sim generally lasts an hour, though we have been known to go over that time limit every once in awhile if the plot calls for it.


Attendance is taken every week, and is used towards promotions. As always, real life is always more important from the sim. If you have to miss a week, it's best to inform the Captain for the Executive Officer beforehand if possible. This allows them to adjust the plot to account for your absence. There is no penalty for missing a sim. However, multiple unexcused absences could result in losing your spot on the roster and being placed on Gamma Shift, and if it continues, removal from the sim. If you know you will have to take a break for an extended period of time, you may request a Leave of Absence so that you do not lose your spot on the the roster.




All simmers are expected to treat each other with respect at all times. This applies both inside and outside of the sim. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, and will result in the offender being dismissed from the sim.


Content of the Hermes sims and logs should not exceed a "PG-13" rating. Cussing should be kept to a minimum, and if they don't say the word on Star Trek, it is not permitted in the sim. Additionally, graphic sexual content will not be tolerated. The Hermes crew sometimes explores adult themes in persuit of a good story, but there is a fine line between casual entertainment and glorification, and crossing it will result in the offender's immediate dismissal of the sim. If you have any concern that your idea may be objectionable to others, you should clear it with the Captain before publishing it. 


All simmers are expected to behave in sim within the bounds of their rank, species, and position. Destroying the ship, killing other characters, mutiny, and using special powers that your character shouldn't have (i.e. humans using telepathy or telekenesis), or disobeying orders from your superiors shouldn't happen unless it is an intended element of the plot, and only if the Captain and everyone involved has given their consent ahead of time. Those who cannot behave appropriately during the sim will be dismissed at the Captain's discression.


All crewmembers are expected to observe the Chain of Command. The Captain is the leader of the sim, and has the final say on anything that happens on board the Hermes. He is assisted by the Executive Officer. If you have a problem with another simmer, you are expected to try and work the problem out with the simmer first as best you can. If that doesn't work, you should inform the Captain of the problem so he can resolve the issue. If you are not happy with the Captain's solution - or if the Captain is the person you're having a problem with, you may contact the Fleet Representative. Fleet Reps are assigned to each ship by the USF High Command with the expressed purpose of resolving issues that the Captain can't always do on his/her own.




When a character joins the USF, they start out as an Ensign. Your official title may be different depending on your characters background. Some characters have been known to participate as civilians, non-commissioned officers, cadets, or even as military officers from organizations outside of Starfleet. But for the purposes of the USF Command structure, you will be considered an Ensign.


Upon joining, you will be expected to write a biography for your character. This tells us about your background, and gives us an idea of what your character looks like and what he/she/it is about. Also, if you ever have to change ships, your biography will give your new Captain and idea of your achievements since joining the USF. The biography may be as detailed as you wish - some write a few paragraphs while others write encylopedias. Biographies are the first requirement for promotion. You cannot be promoted without one. You will also be expected to update your biography upon each subsequent promotion.


Promotions are based on three factors: Attendance, logs, and participation. As noted in Section I, attendance is taken each week, and there are a minimum number of sims that must be attended before a promotion can be considered.


Logs are stories that are written during the week and sent out to the crew. There are two types of logs: Duty Logs tell the crew what you did during the sim. They should be written in the first person context, and should not include any information that a character would not reasonably know (For example, if another simmer was shot and killed down on the planet, and your character has not learned about it yet, you should not include it in your report). The second type of log is called a Personal Log. The structure of this log is much more relaxed, and generally can include anything you care to write about. Most people tend to use these logs for character development, such as what their character does in their free time, or what they did between sims to carry on their portion of the plot. Often, simmers will get together and write Joint Logs - a single log written by two or more participants. These also considered Personal Logs, and can be a fun and exciting avenue for character development. As with attendance, there are a minimum amount of Duty Logs and Personal Logs that must be written before being considered for promotions.


IMPORTANT: In order for a log to be considered for promotion, it MUST be posted to the USF message boards. This is mainly for accountabillity - to have a formal record that anyone in the USF can view to verify that you have reached the requirements for promotion. As such, if it is not posted to the message boards, it cannot be considered for promotions. The process for posting to the boards is very easy - the Hermes has a list of e-mail addresses you can send your logs to, which will automatically post them to the message boards for you. These e-mail addresses can be found in the hard copy of the ship's roster, which will be e-mailed to you from the Commanding Officer upon joining the Hermes.


The minimum requirements are detailed below. Though you may write more than what is required, it is important to remember that your log counts and attendance reset after promotion.










For promotion requirements beyond Lieutenant Commander, please see the Simulation Guide.


Finally, there is participation. Attending sims and writing logs are not the only thing the Captain must consider when giving a promotion. A promotion comes with more responsibillities, and higher expectations. A Lieutenant may be asked to lead an away team, or be a critical element in the development of the plot. As such, the Captain must be sure the simmer is mature and experienced enough to handle the responsibillities being offered. This usually is not a problem, and if the Captain has any concerns once you hit the minimum requirements, he will let you know.


Hermes Theme

Song - "Spaceballs"


Hermes Anthem - 

"Come Sail Away"