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Awarded to medical officers who perform exceptionally well during medical crises, including epidemics, triage, and surgury.

Awarded for providing humanitarian services to a large population that has experienced a natural or manmade disaster. Without such help, the population in question would not have survived.

Awarded to any officer who's actions directly prevented the death of another sentient being.



Awarded to any ship that makes successful First Contact with a new alien species.

Awarded to any officer or ship that makes a significant scientific discovery that broaden's humanity's understanding of the universe.

Awarded to any officer that is wounded or killed in the line of duty.




Awarded to any officer or crew who's actions promote peace throughout the galaxy. This can include signing peace treaties, negotiating diplomatic conflicts, and acting in a way that significantly prevents conflicts from occuring.

Awarded to officers who display exceptional courage and bravery in the face of danger, regardless of their own safety and/or reputation, for the good of the mission, their ship, and their crew.

Awarded to any officer who, in the face of great personal and moral conflict, displays exceptional courage and integrity in defense of the values upon which the United Federation of Planets was founded. This award is typically awarded to officers who expose a corrupt official, act in defense of a hopelessly opressed species, or otherwise maintain themselves according to the highest standards of Starfleet, even in situations where those standards are moot, meaningless, or by any other citeria in which those standards would not necessarily apply.


The Federation's highest honor, this medal recognizes any officer who has distinguished himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. This medal is typically only awarded in one of three situations:


A) During a crisis that threatens the ship and/or the lives of the entire crew;

B) During a crisis that threatens a large population of a sentient species or society,

C) During combat with an opposing armed force.


The key distinction between the Medal of Valor and the Medal of Honor is the phrase "above and beyond the call of duty". For example, a Chief Engineer running into Engineering to grab a fallen crewman despite an immenant warp core breach displays bravery and courage in the face of danger. A good example of the Medal of Valor. But at the end of the day, that's his job. Now, after recovering said officer, if the Chief Engineer decided to stay in engineering and tried to keep the warp core stable for as long as possible so that more of his fellow crewmen could make it to the escape pods and escape, that is considered "above and beyond the call of duty". He didn't HAVE to do it. But he sacrificed his safety to do it anyway. More often then not, the Medal of Honor is awarded posthumanously.

USS Hermes



"We thought that they were angels but much to my surprise,

we climbed aboard their starship. We headed to the skies."

-Dennis DeYoung, 1977



Promotions are not the only way to recognize great simmers. Medals and ribbons are awarded by the Commanding Officer as another way of recognizing simmers for excellent performance in a particular area of the sim. Awards may be permenantly listed on your official biography so that others throughout the fleet may take notice of your achievements. Awards are not a requirement for promotion, and no one will be passed up for a promotion because they did not earn an award. These are simply an incentive for you to be the best simmer that you can possibly be. The full list of awards available on the Hermes are listed below...










Log Awards are awarded to the simmers who write the best logs for the week. Awards will be handed out for each type of log: Duty Logs and Personal Logs. Two awards will be handed out for each catagory: One for the best log (Gold Bar), and one for the runner up (Silver Bar). Additionally, since Joint Logs are a particular favorite amongst the Hermes crew, a single award will be handed out to the simmers with the best Joint Log of the week (the Double Gold Bar). In order to be considered for this award, the log must: 1) Be sent out to the mailstring and posted to the message boards; 2) Must be posted anytime during the week following the last scheduled sim; and 3) Must fulfill the requirements of the type of log being written, as detailed on the Rules and Regulations page.






















Attendance is another way to recognize excellent simmers. Attendance is already counted towards your promotions, and there is no penalty for missing a sim. That being said, there are certain simmers who's attendance can be relied on consistently every single week, and that dedication deserves to be recognized. Attendance medals are awarded to those who attend a certain number of consecutive sims. In order to qualify for this award, a simmer must: 1) Attend the required number of sims consecutively, and 2) Participate in those sims to the best of their ability. There are three currently three attendance awards available on the Hermes: 5 Consecutive Sims, 10 Consecutive Sims, and 20 Consecutive Sims. More awards in this catagory may be added as the need arises.


Because these awards are based on consecutive sims attended, any time a sim is missed, regardless of the reason, your consecutive sims attended stat resets to zero. If a sim is cancelled due to low attendance, the Commanding Officer may still choose to take attendance for the simmers who did show up for that week's sim so that they can recieve credit towards this award. However, if a sim is cancelled for any other reason, the Commanding Officer may simply choose to disregard that week's attendance entirely so that no one will be penalized.

















From time to time, the Commanding Officer may allow a simmer to run a plot, provided that they have a fully developed story that would be suitable for a sim. A simmer who runs a plot would take on all the responsibilities of running said plot, from writing actions to directing NPC's, writing the mission breifing, and so on. The simmer may accept as little or as much help from the Commanding Officer as they wish. This offers valuable command experience for those who wish to become Captains and Commanders in the United Space Federation one day, and this experience will be taken into account when be considered for a command position. As such, it is generally considered a requirement for Lieutenant Commanders to run at least one plot during their service at that rank before they can be considered for promotion to Commander by the High Command.


Running a sim is a major responsibility. As such, this is not a task that will be awarded to just anybody. The simmer presenting a plot idea must be in good standing with the Hermes. They must be dedicated simmers who perform on a very high level on a weekly basis. They must be able to present their story in detail, demonstrating that they have a full understanding of sim mechanics involved in running the story that they would like to tell. Once the story is presented to the Commanding Officer, he/she will likely want to discuss the plot in detail and make necessary adjustments as needed. Ultimately, the story must be on par with the quality of writing that the Commanding Officer typically presents to the crew on a weekly basis. The Commanding Officer will make the final call on whether the story can be presented to the crew as an official plot. The Sim Creation Medal will be awarded to the simmer upon completion of the plot.


















The Lynx Award is a special commendation that recognizes simmers for exceptional performance in a general area of the sim that goes above and beyond what is generally expected of the simmer. There are no specific requirements for recieving this award. Examples include providing valuable contributions to the developement of a plot, running certain portions of a plot, exceptional log writing, etc. The Commanding Officer will provide a specific commendation when handing out this award so that it may be recorded in the simmer's official biography.

























The Star of Eros is the highest commendation a Hermes crewmember can recieve. It is awarded to simmers who go above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of the sim. The Star of Eros differs from the Lynx Award in one key aspect: The Lynx award recoginizes an exceptional performance by a simmer that makes a posititive contribution to the sim. The Star of Eros, however, is awarded to those who sacrifice their time and effort to make contributions so valuable that the sim would have suffered greatly had those contributions not be provided at the time they were needed. Recipients of this award demonstrate the very best of what it means to be a simmer in the United Space Federation. The standard for this award is very high, and as such, is awarded very rarely. As with the Lynx Award, the Commanding Officer will provide a specific commendation when handing out this award so that it may be recorded in the simmer's official biography.





In addition to performance based medals and ribbons, the Hermes also provides plot based awards. These are intended to recognize certain events in your character's life that take place during the course of a sim. For example, making First Contact with a new species is a historic event in the Star Trek universe, and Starfleet would probably recognize anyone who was involved in that mission with some type of award so it could be recorded in their service record. Plot based awards are meant to add depth to the history of your character. They play absolutely no part in promotions whatsoever. This is simply fluff and icing so that your character's achievements on the Hermes can have more of an impact from a story perspective. These awards could easily be referenced in logs and future sims to talk about how awesome your character is, and what they've been through to get where they are now. The medals below are an incomplete list of plot based awards offered by the Hermes. More will be added as our missions develop.



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