USS Hermes



"We thought that they were angels but much to my surprise,

we climbed aboard their starship. We headed to the skies."

-Dennis DeYoung, 1977


Updated Stardate 1611.29

Command Staff

Commanding Officer: Commodore Jerrid P. Billings (Human, joined with a symbiont from Trill/Male)

Executive Officer: Commander Kayshl Durandus (Betazoid/Female/AU)

Second Officer: *OPEN*


Starship Operations

Chief of Operations: Lieutenant Rayna Elkhorn (Alpha Endari/Female)

Operations Officer: Ensign S'Ral (Vulcan/Male)*


Helmsman: Lieutenant, Junior Grade Lila Kirk (Alantis Human/Female)



Chief of Tactical/Security: Lieutenant Kristjana Grimsdottir (Human/Female)

Tactical/Security Officer: Ensign Gideon Salieri (Betazoid/Bajoran/Human/Male)



Chief of Engineering: First Lieutenant Marielle Deniaud (Human/Female)



Science/Research & Development

Chief Science Officer: First Lieutenant Tanok (Vulcan/Male)*

Science Officer: First Lieutenant Satak (Vulcan/Male)*

Science Officer: Lieutenant, Junior Grade Kiki Zomaii (Zenri/Female)

Science Officer: Ensign Katrista Ryan (Human/Female)

Science Officer: Ensign Midori (Caitain/Android/Female)


Research Director: Lieutenant, Junior Grade Kiki Zomaii (Zenri/Female)



Chief Medical Officer: First Lieutenant Leonard Swift (Wolfen/Male)

Medical Officer: Ensign Sandy Truce (Human/Female)

Medical Officer: Doctor Kennesaw (Human/Male)*


Ship's Counselor: Erik Vaeros (Draconian/Male)


Civilians/ Common NPC's

Ship's Computer: Artificial Logistical Intelligence Computer Entity (ALICE) (AI/Female)

Engineering Officer: Levani Sen (Orion/Female)

Security Officer: Ensign Redshirt (Human/Male)

Transporter Chief: Over Enthusiastic Transporter Chief (OETC) (Human/Male)

Nurse: Tim (Human/Male)

Nurse: Fox (???/Female)

Captain's Assistant: Mila (Wolfen/Female)

Captain's Daughter: Jeri Tia Lovat (Human/Female)

Bartender, Acroplolis Lounge: Sam (Human/Male)


For more NPC's, please view the Big List of NPC's.


Other Positions of Importance

Fleet Representative: Fleet Captain Stewart Hawks (Human/Male)



Leave of Absence/Gamma Shift

First Lieutenant Tanok

Lieutenant Jr. Grade Satak

Ensign Sandy Truce

Ensign S'Ral

Doctor Ken Kennesaw


Hermes Theme

Song - "Spaceballs"


Hermes Anthem - 

"Come Sail Away"